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Objective:To establish a policy for the collection, use and protection of data and information obtained by GTECH Indiana regarding Players and Persons while acting in its capacity as a vendor to the Hoosier Lottery. This Policy complies with relevant U.S. laws and regulations and with the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles developed by the US Department of Commerce.

I. Introduction

The Hoosier Lottery, its agents, contractors, and any parties, including GTECH Indiana, LLC and GTECH Corporation (hereby referred to collectively as the “Hoosier Lottery”) have established the following Privacy Policy for the protection of data and information obtained by Hoosier Lottery Players. This Privacy Policy applies to the capture, handling, sharing and storage of all information received, including but not limited to, information obtained from Players through the Hoosier Lottery Website.
Due to the changing needs of the Hoosier Lottery and/or Indiana State Law, this Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time without notice. Changes will be posted on the Hoosier Lottery Website. By accessing the Hoosier Lottery Website, Players and Persons consent to and accept this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy describes the Hoosier Lottery’s privacy practices regarding information collected at any time through any means.

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “you” or “your” means each person, group of individuals, entity or entities.

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information" means information about a natural person that is readily identifiable to that specific individual. Personal Information includes, among other information, an individual’s name, address, social security number, telephone number, date of birth, password information, and any other personally identifiable information. A domain name or Internet protocol address is not considered Personal Information.

II. Basic Principles

The Hoosier Lottery and its representative agents:

  • Will not intentionally gather or maintain Personal Information that is not relevant to us in conducting our business, and will take steps to assure the accuracy of the Personal Information that is in our custody and management.
  • Will treat all Personal Information as confidential to the extent authorized by law, and take reasonable precautions designed to prevent inappropriate or unauthorized disclosure of such Personal Information;
  • Will not use Personal Information for purposes that are incompatible with our business unless affected individuals are appropriately contacted for their consent;
  • Will not transfer Personal Information to third parties, except as required by our business and/or by law;
  • Will deal fairly with those persons whose Personal Information is in our custody and management.


III. Information automatically collected when you visit the Website

By visiting the website and nothing further (including, but not limited to, browsing, viewing rules or winning numbers), the Website Providers, will automatically gather and store the following information including, but not limited to the following:

  • the Internet protocol (“IP”) address and domain name used (for example, if you are accessing from America Online). The IP address is a numerical identifier assigned either to an Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) or directly to a Person’s computer. Location may also be identified via geo-filtering of the IP address
  • the type of browser and operating system used
  • the date and time of the Website visit
  • the web pages or services accessed at this Website
  • the website visited prior to coming to this Website
  • the website visited as you leave the Website
  • any ads clicked on to access the Website
  • if the ShareThis feature is used, the content shared from the Website, with whom content is shared, and where content is posted
  • if forms or other documents are downloaded, the form or document that was downloaded and;
  • the name of the country in which the users server is located

None of the foregoing information is deemed to be Personal Information.

The foregoing information is used to improve Website content and help the Hoosier Lottery understand how you interact with its Website. This information is also collected for statistical analysis to determine what information is of most and least interest to you, to improve the utility of the material available on the Website, and for other purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Methods of automatic information collection include, but are not limited to:

A. Cookies
Cookies are text files stored on a person’s web browser to provide a means of distinguishing that person from other visitors to the Website. Website Providers use “transactional cookies” to enhance or customize a Person’s visit to the Hoosier Lottery Website and to recognize that Person when he or she visits again. The software and hardware used to access the Hoosier Lottery Website may allow a Person to refuse new cookies or delete existing cookies. Refusing or deleting these cookies may limit the ability to take advantage of some features of the Website.

B. Banner Ads
Banner ads will be used to advertise Hoosier Lottery products. The Hoosier Lottery Website will track the number of clicks on such ads for analytical and marketing purposes.

IV. Personal information collected

In addition to the information automatically collected in Section III above, information including, but not limited to the following, may also be collected:

  • Emails, Surveys & Electronic Newsletter Subscriptions
    If Players participate in a survey, send an email, or subscribe to an electronic newsletter, this Website will gather the following information, some of which may be considered Personal Information:
    • the email address and contents of the email
    • information volunteered in response to a survey; and
    • any information required by or volunteered on the electronic newsletter subscription form
  • Social Media and RSS Feeds
    If Players “like,” follow the Hoosier Lottery, or otherwise contact the Hoosier Lottery via social media (e.g., Facebook or Twitter), or subscribe to the Hoosier Lottery via RSS feed by using the Hoosier Lottery Website, the Website will collect the following information:
    • the social media username you used (e.g., Facebook or Twitter username)
    • the number of “likes;” and
    • the total number of subscribers to our RSS feeds (but will not track where they posted the feeds)
  • mylottery
    If Player’s register for advanced services such as “mylottery” functionality, account information and communication preferences may be edited or the account can be deactivated upon request, by emailing, phoning or faxing the Hoosier Lottery. Upon deactivation, please understand that, despite deactivation of an account online, state record retention laws may require the Hoosier Lottery to maintain information about your account.
    • the email address and contents of the email
    • information volunteered in response to a survey; and
    • any information required by or volunteered on the electronic newsletter subscription form

The Hoosier Lottery does not collect information for commercial marketing. It will not sell or rent personally identifiable information to anyone. The Hoosier Lottery may provide certain information to contractors for research or other purposes, including but not limited to disclosing site traffic information to improve the use of the site to our visitors. These third parties do not have the right to use this information beyond what is necessary to perform required functions. This Website will collect information including but not limited to the following:

i. Registration Personal Information
The following Personal Information will be collected at initial registration and is necessary for the creation and administration of a mylotteryAccount. This information will be stored by the Website Providers and/or certain third parties in a contractual relationship with the Website Providers (“Third Party Service Providers”) and with each other:

  • birthdate
  • gender
  • name (first, last)
  • address
  • email address
  • password (self-selected)
  • phone number

ii. Use of Personal Information
The Website Providers and Third Party Service Providers may use Player’s Personal Information for various purposes including, but not limited to, the following:

  • to administer the Hoosier Lottery and mylottery Accounts
  • to contact Players and Persons in response to inquiries, comments and suggestions
  • to otherwise contact Players
  • for the specific purpose for which it was volunteered
  • to track Player use of this Website for internal market research
  • to improve this Website and the services we promote or provide through this Website
  • to customize the content and/or layout of this Website for each visitor
  • to ask for participation in brief surveys
  • to notify Players about promotions, special offers, etc. regarding products and services provided by the Hoosier Lottery or its agents
  • to be provided to the Third Party Service Providers in connection with the legitimate business purposes of the Hoosier Lottery, its Contractors or this Website
  • to generate aggregate statistical studies and to use the results of such aggregate statistical studies for marketing purposes and responsible gaming initiatives
  • to protect and defend the rights or property of the Hoosier Lottery and its Contractors
  • to enforce this Privacy Policy
  • as required by law or regulation, or as requested by government or regulatory authorities, including but not limited to gaming regulators and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or for the protection of persons or property;
  • in connection with an acquisition, merger, restructuring, sale or other transfer involving all or any portion of the business associated with this Website; and
  • any other business purposes, including those purposes described in Section X below

By submitting foregoing information, a Person will be deemed to have consented to its use for such purposes.

V. Non-disclosure of personal information

As noted above, no Personal Information is collected unless such information is provided voluntarily by sending an e-mail, participating in a survey, registering for a mylottery Account, or using other interactive services that may be provided on the Hoosier Lottery Website. Players may choose not to utilize some or all of these interactive services. The choice not to participate in these activities may limit the ability to receive specific services or products, but it will not prevent a Person from requesting services or products from the Hoosier Lottery by other means and will not normally have an impact on the ability to take advantage of other (non-interactive) features of the Website, including browsing or downloading publicly available information.

VI. Review and correction of personal information

Players can view information collected about them and correct inaccuracies by using the Contact Us section on the Hoosier Lottery website. Players can also review and correct certain Personal Information by signing into his or her mylottery Account and accessing the mylottery Account profile.

VII. Voluntary Disclosure of information

Voluntary disclosure of Personal Information to the Hoosier Lottery, whether solicited or unsolicited, constitutes consent to the collection and disclosure of such information by the Hoosier Lottery and Third Party Service Providers for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Certain state or federal laws may protect that information.
Without limiting the foregoing, Personal Information may be collected or disclosed without consent if the collection or disclosure is:
(1) necessary to perform the statutory duties of the Hoosier Lottery, or necessary for the Hoosier Lottery to operate a program authorized by law, or authorized by state or federal statute or regulation, including the Freedom of Information Act;
(2) made pursuant to a court order, subpoena or by law;
(3) for the purpose of validating the disclosers identity;
(4) with affiliates of the Hoosier Lottery or Third Party Service Providers to provide certain lottery related services; or
(5) to federal or state law enforcement authorities to enforce the Hoosier Lottery’s rights against unauthorized access or attempted unauthorized access to the Hoosier Lottery’s information technology assets or against other inappropriate use.
In the event of a conflict between this Privacy Policy and any state or federal laws, including the Freedom of Information Act, the state or federal laws will control.

VIII. Security

The Hoosier Lottery is committed to ensuring the integrity of the information and systems it maintains. As such, the Hoosier Lottery has instituted security measures for all information systems under our control so that information will not be lost, misused, or altered. For site security purposes and to ensure that our Internet services remain available to all users, the Hoosier Lottery uses software programs to monitor traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or otherwise cause damage. In the event of authorized law enforcement investigations and pursuant to any required legal process, information from these sources may be used to help identify an individual.

IX. Enforcement

Personals who believe their Personal Information is not handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy should contact the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance, who will discuss the issue with the complainant, conduct and investigation and report back to the complainant and attempt to resolve the issues quickly and amicably.

X. Additional Policy Considerations

This Privacy Policy is designed to protect Personal Information and privacy rights as they are currently understood, and to satisfy applicable rules and regulations. The text of this Privacy Policy cannot address every potential issue and circumstance. It is the policy of GTECH Indiana to adhere to Safe Harbor principles, data protection regulations of the State of Indiana and applicable federal regulations. This Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time in accordance with applicable laws and evolving business needs. This Policy will be available on the Hoosier Lottery website and through any other relevant Player interface.


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