Current Top Prizes Remaining

Hoosier Lottery Scratch-offs offer a wide variety of top prizes. The list below shows the number of top prizes still available for each game. Click the game name for more information.

The list of unclaimed prizes for each Scratch-off game is estimated based on the number of winning tickets claimed and total prizes available. The actual number of prizes remaining in a game, including top prizes, may vary based on the number of tickets distributed, sold, and redeemed. Any of the prizes listed below may have already been purchased, but not yet claimed.

Updated as of 2:00 a.m. on 10/21/2016
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PriceTop PrizeGame NameTop Prizes RemainingOn Sale Date
$1$4,000Double Doubler 610/4/2016
$3$30,00030X The Cash 510/4/2016
$5$150,000Triple Play 410/4/2016
$10$100Indiana Cash Blowout 8405410/4/2016
$2$20,000Hoosier 200S 39/6/2016
$30$1,000,000All Cash Millions 29/6/2016
$5$200,000$20,000,000 Payout 29/6/2016
$1$1,777Bronze 7S 78/2/2016
$2$17,777Silver 7S 38/2/2016
$5$77,777Gold 7S 38/2/2016
$10$777,777Platinum 7S 28/2/2016
$1$2,100Blackjack 127/5/2016
$2$20,000Bingo Frenzy 27/5/2016
$5$75,000Wheel Of Fortune 27/5/2016
$5$100,000Red Hot Slots 36/7/2016
$3$30,000Boardgame Bonus 26/7/2016
$20$2,430,000$150,000,000 Extravaganza36/7/2016
$1$500Loaded $50 35/3/2016
$5$125,000Wild 5S 15/3/2016
$5$75,000Loaded $500 34/5/2016
$10$13,888Tax Free $10 Grand 594/5/2016
$1$1,500Funky 5S Tripler 63/1/2016
$3$50,000Electric 7S 13/1/2016
$1$5,000Jackpot 5X 32/2/2016
$2$30,000Jackpot 10X 12/2/2016
$5$200,000Jackpot 20X 32/2/2016
$20$1,643,482Jackpot 100X 22/2/2016
$5$77,777Jewel 7S 11/5/2016
$10$810,652Multiplier Mania 21/5/2016
$25$3,279,689Gold Bullion 312/1/2015
$5$150,000Win It All 110/6/2015
$2$20,000Loaded $200 29/1/2015
$5$90,000Platinum Mine 9X 19/1/2015
$10$250,000Super Ticket 7S 19/1/2015
$10$700,000$700,000 Extreme Green 17/7/2015
$20$2,430,000Diamond Dazzler 25/5/2015
$1$500Loose Change 634/7/2015
$30$5,670,000$7,000,000 Mega Ca$H 23/3/2015
$2$10,00010X The Money 111/6/2015
$5$100,00020X The Money 21/6/2015
$3$50,000Wild Cherry Crossword 31/24/2014
$5$100,000Red Hot Crossword 11/14/2014
$10$829,643$120M Cash Spectacular 38/6/2013
$20$3,000,000$3 Million Jackpot 24/30/2013
$1$500/Week$500 A Week Cash For Life14/5/2013
$2$1,000/Week$1,000 A Week Cash For Life24/5/2013
$5$2,500/Week$2,500 A Week Cash For Life14/5/2013
$10$5,000/Week$5,000 A Week Cash For Life24/5/2013

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