FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 20, 2009 Full-Time Student and Mother Claims $6.5 Million Hoosier Lotto Jackpot INDIANAPOLIS- Shantay Britman of Elkhart has come forward to claim a $6.5 million Hoosier Lotto prize at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis. The lucky wife, mother of three, and full-time college student defied the odds of 1 in more than 12 million by matching all six numbers in the April 15, 2009 Hoosier Lotto drawing.   Britman opted to take the cash option and received $2.7 million ($2,700,992*) before taxes.   "It's way more than I had last week," said Britman. "I'll take it!"   Britman and her husband, Kendrick, have already consulted with financial and legal advisors because they are committed to making this work for them in the long run.   "We're like other families trying to make it," said Britman. The two will be celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary in June. Britman is not immune to the current economic problems that have come to characterize Elkhart. The city has become a national symbol for these tough economic times with the New York Times characterizing Elkhart as the "White-hot center of the meltdown of the American economy."   When Britman's employer closed it's doors last July, she took the opportunity to add more hours to her class load at Indiana University in South Bend where she was pursuing a general studies degree. "My plans were to graduate this December after taking summer classes, but now, I want to take the summer off and spend it with my children," said Britman. She will graduate in May 2010 with no student loans. She plans to use this opportunity to pursue her ultimate goal of being a registered nurse, and now she'll have the time and the funds to do so. The Britmans said that taking their children (ages 14, 8 and 5) to Disney World is at the top of their agenda.   "I promised them," said Britman. "The oldest one wants an iPhone and the two younger ones want to go to Disney World. Other than that, they are pretty happy." Britman was all grins as she also talked about getting a brand new, top of the line, front-load washer and dryer in red.   Beyond that, the Britmans want to take their time, proceed carefully and not do anything too impulsive. "Right now, it's all still so new, but after things settle down, we'll take a look around our community and see what we might be able to do," said Britman.  Britman purchased her winning ticket at 7-11 at 25960 County Road 20 in Elkhart. The retailer will receive a $65,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. Retailers that sell Hoosier Lotto and Powerball jackpot-winning tickets receive a 1% bonus capped at $100,000.   Britman's life changing Hoosier Lotto numbers on April 15 were: 2-3-8-27-31-40.   Players have a shot at a $1 million Hoosier Lotto jackpot on Wednesday. Powerball is up to $42 million for Saturday. The Hoosier Lottery reminds all players to always play responsibly.  -30- Photo1: Shantay Britman at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters.Photo 2: Shantay Britman (center) with her mother-in-law Naomi Hastings and best friend Miranda.Photo 3: Shantay Britman with her husband Kendrick.Photo 4: Kendrick Britman kisses his wife Shantay.Photo 5: Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Kathryn A. Densborn interviews Shantay during a press conference at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis.Photo 6: Kendrick and Shantay Britman admire the amount on the check that Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Kathryn A. Densborn hands to them.Photo 7: Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Kathryn A. Densborn hands the "real" check to Shantay Britman. *The difference between the annuitized winnings and the cash option is the interest that the cash option will earn if annuitized over 30 years.

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