FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 16, 2010

Fort Wayne Man Multiplies his Daily 4 Winnings Times Twenty

WhiteINDIANAPOLIS – A Fort Wayne man multiplied his Daily 4 wager 20 times on a hunch and it paid off big time over the weekend.   Ken White wagered $20 on the numbers 1 6 5 0 straight in the November 12 midday Daily 4 and reaped $100,000 when the numbers 1 6 5 0 were drawn.

The top prize for a $1 wager on Daily 4 is $5,000.  White wagered $20 (by purchasing 20 separate $1 tickets with the same 1 6 5 0 number combination) and multiplied his $5,000 winnings times twenty.  He also wagered $1 on the same numbers Combo which netted him an additional $2,600. 

“I can’t believe it!” said White as he claimed his winnings at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters in Indianapolis on Monday.

The Allen County man is a machine operator.  He was all smiles as he counted out twenty individual $5,000 checks.   He said his lucky numbers, 1 6 5 0, are digits related to different parts of his phone number.  As for his winnings, he says he plans to take it easy and make the most of his winnings by reducing his debt.

White purchased his lucky tickets at Circle K at 2304 Sherman Blvd. in Fort Wayne.  His lucky tickets are among more than 34,000 winning Daily 4 tickets so far in 2010.  Additional information on how to play Daily 4 is available here at 


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