Kentucky farmers claim $3.5 million Hoosier Lotto jackpot

INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 8, 2013) -  The $3.5 million Hoosier Lotto jackpot from Oct. 5 was claimed at Hoosier Lottery headquarters in Indianapolis Tuesday.  The lucky winner is Guston, Ky., resident Marshall Morgan. 

MorganIt was Morgan's wife Deloris who bought the ticket and discovered the win Saturday night after the drawing. While Deloris is thrilled to be able to remodel their house and take a trip to Hawaii, her husband is taking the win much more in stride. 

"I checked off all five numbers and thought 'Oh my gosh, we won!'" said Deloris Morgan who immediately woke up Marshall with the great news. "I said 'Hey! Hey! We are millionaires!' but he just started snoring."

Morgan is not the type to get too worked up about much. In his 65 years Morgan has had quite a life.  He served in Vietnam and was shot while serving as a military policeman at Fort Hood shortly after returning to the states.  He lives in the house he was born in. His five children, 13 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren all live and/or farm nearby.  He's been a farmer all his life.  He and his wife take care of 200 head of beef cattle and 850 acres of grain by themselves.  For years Morgan built houses in his "spare time," and even built four of his children's homes. Falling off a second-story roof and quadruple bypass surgery only kept him out of the field three weeks.

Morgan coupleWinning a Hoosier Lotto jackpot isn't going to keep him out of the field either. Morgan planned to go straight from the Hoosier Lottery office to the field. Morgan is a hard worker and is thrilled to add winning the Hoosier Lottery to his unique life story. For him, the best thing about it will be paying off debt.

"This takes all the stress off," said Morgan.  "Last year's crops didn't do so well. When you farm you always have debts. You get out of bed to get out of debt."

Deloris Morgan purchased the winning ticket at Highway 135 BP at 5630 Highway 135 South West in Corydon, Ind.  The couple elected to take the cash option and received $1.1 million before taxes.

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