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Morning routine leads to big Hoosier Lottery win

dayton 283x212INDIANAPOLIS – Consistency paid off December 13 for a southern Indiana man when the routine with which he starts off his day resulted in big money from a Hoosier Lottery Scratch-off.

Every morning, Michael Dayton stops in at the Fast Max Sunoco at 1201 East National Hwy in Washington, Ind., for his lottery tickets and a copy of the Evansville Courier & Press. Monday’s purchase of the $10 Scratch-off Big Winner resulted in Dayton winning the $250,000 top prize!

“I play Scratch-offs mostly, but I play Powerball and Hoosier Lotto every time too,” said Dayton, a retiree from Naval Weapons Center Crane and a part-time golf course employee. “I won $1,000 on [Big Winner] about six months ago, and the [ticket bin] was full, so I got it again.”

Dayton said he nearly talked himself out of playing Big Winner, since the game has been out for several months; however, he said, “I’ve always expected to win something.”

Winning something is exactly what he did, and his good fortune will lead to good fortune for others, he said. Dayton said he and his wife Anna plan on doing some good in the world with their prize.

“I’m going to pay off a few bills, but mostly Christmas is going to be a lot brighter for some people. I’m going to use the money to help out some of the charitable organizations around town,” he said.

Even after winning a quarter-million dollars, Dayton said he plans on keeping his job at the golf course.

“I just took over their books as well, and I’m going to still do that. This just means we can take a trip if we want,” said Dayton.

So now that he’s won, does that mean he’s changing his morning routine? It seems doubtful, as the day after his big win, he said, “I just bought [more] tickets this morning, if that tells you anything.”

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