Stressful search precedes $500,000 second-chance Hoosier Lottery win

PizerINDIANAPOLIS (July 3, 2013) - A Hobart resident has won half a million dollars from the Hoosier Lottery.  Lesley Pizer won the cash in a Hoosier Lottery mylottery second-chance drawing conducted June 28.  Producing the winning ticket and claiming her prize was somewhat of a stressful ordeal for the mother-of-two.

Pizer entered her non-winning $500 Grand Scratch-off into an online second-chance drawing at several months ago.  Her entry was selected in the $500,000 grand prize drawing conducted June 28.  To claim the prize, Pizer was required to produce the physical non-winning scratch-off ticket associated with her online entry.

The problem is that Pizer had moved since she entered the ticket months ago.  Although she had taken care to save and label her second-chance entry tickets, they were stashed in a tub somewhere at her mother's house.

"I knew all my tickets were in a tote, bound together with a sticky note label with the entry date, but I didn't know exactly where," said Pizer.  "I was a nervous wreck until I had that winning ticket in my hand!"

After finding the ticket and presenting it to Hoosier Lottery officials Indianapolis July 2, Pizer became emotional and fought back tears as her good fortune, and a sense of relief, began to sink in. 

"You play 'em and you enter them, but you don't think they are going to pull your entry," said Pizer.

As for her $500,000 winnings, Pizer plans to take her daughters, who are 22 months and 13 years old, to Disney World.  She also plans to celebrate with her boyfriend, Bruce Johnson, over a steak dinner. 

"Life's a little better.  That's all I can say," said Pizer.

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Photo:  Lesley Pizer of Hobart claims her $500,000 prize at Hoosier Lottery Headquarters July 2.


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