best practices and sales tips

Below are recommended best practices and sales tips to increase your Hoosier Lottery sales and maximize your earning potential.


  • Feature Scratch-off tickets in a block display on the front selling counter.
  • A 24 minimum bin set is recommended.

Activate New Tickets

  • Activate and place out for sale all new Scratch-off tickets as soon as possible on launch day. Many customers eagerly await new product.
    • At a minimum, new Scratch-off
      tickets are launched on the first Thursday of every month.
      Starting on 4/30, new tickets will launch on the first Tuesday of every month.

Keep Dispensers Full

  • Keep dispensers and vending machines full. Our product is like every other product in your store. Tickets can only be purchased when they’re available.
  • Have back stock accessible for 2nd shifts and weekends.
  • Double-tape packs of tickets together in the ITVM. If you don’t know how, your LSR (Lottery Sales Representative) will be happy to show you.
  • Train multiple sales associates on how to load the ITVM.
  • Call immediately for service if your vending machine is out of order.
    • ITVM repair number: (800) 955-6886.

Plan-O-Gram (POG)

  • Follow the Hoosier Lottery recommended Plan-o-gram.
  • The plan-o-gram is designed to ensure your Scratch-off assortment contains the best selling games by price point, arranged in the most shoppable format for your customers.
  • Download the latest POG here.

Accept All Forms of Tender, Including Debit/Credit Cards

Suggestive Sell

  • Encourage sales associates to ask every customer if they would like to purchase a Hoosier Lottery product.
  • Be aware of the jackpot amounts and use them as a selling tool for the Jackpot Games; Powerball with Power Play, Mega Millions with Megaplier, Hoosier Lotto and Cash 5.
    • Communicate the benefits of purchasing Power Play and Megaplier to your customers.
  • Cross-sell: suggest a different lottery product to also consider purchasing, which could introduce a customer to a new experience.
    • If a customer is purchasing a draw game ticket, suggest they also try the new $5 Scratch-off ticket that recently launched.
    • If a customer is purchasing a Scratch-off ticket, inform them of the Powerball jackpot amount and suggest they buy a Powerball with Power Play ticket.
  • Understand how each game is played to educate your customers.
    • New or infrequent customers can be intimidated by games they haven’t played before. If sales associates can easily and effectively explain our games to customers, this may encourage them to make a purchase.
  • Be aware of current Hoosier Lottery promotions and communicate these to your customers.

Post Appropriate Signage

  • Post appropriate signage; winner awareness, jackpot signs and campaign specific POP.
  • Customers are encouraged to make a lottery purchase when made aware your store has winners.

Redeem Winning Tickets

  • Keep sufficient cash on hand to redeem winning tickets.
  • Always ask the customer if they would like to purchase another ticket with their winnings.
    • When customers have cash in-hand, they will be more apt to make an additional purchase in your store.

Must be 18 or Older to Play. Please Play Responsibly.

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