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Aurora Dozen


Purchased City: East Enterprise

Date Won: 5/18/2017

Amount Won: $50,000

Call it karma for a group of coworkers in southeastern Indiana who just won $50,000 on Powerball. While paying for the group’s tickets, Wrenata Nelson gave cash back to the cashier.

It wasn’t an act of charity. She handed him a $20 bill for her $12 worth of Powerball tickets. He gave her $18 in change.

“I said, ‘You gave me too much money,’” she recalled while claiming the prize at Hoosier Lottery headquarters in Indianapolis.

The cashier thanked her for her honesty and made the correct change for her. The next day, Wrenata checked the tickets when she got into work and realized the lottery pool won $50,000.

Wrenata and her coworkers, a group of 12 people, play Powerball or Mega Millions twice a week. The entire office has been involved in the pool for about two years.

Jeff Price, one of the other coworkers splitting the prize, played a joke on his coworkers who start their day a little later. When they came in for the day, he sat them down to tell them he had news from the company he had to read to them. In a serious tone, he asked Wrenata to write “$50,000” on the dry-erase board. Quickly, the other employees caught on to what was going on.

After splitting the pot, each winner won $4,166 before taxes. Jeff plans to buy tires, and Wrenata plans to put the money toward a vacation to Jamaica she already had planned. It wasn’t clear what the other 10 plan to do with their winnings. However, it was clear the group intends to keep their lottery pool going. They hope this is just the first exciting win they experience. 

The winning ticket was sold by S&S Grocery in East Enterprise, Indiana. The winning ticket matched 4 of 5 numbers and the Powerball.

Powerball Overall Odds are 1 in 25.

Must be 18 or Older to Play. Please Play Responsibly.

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