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Joann Wittenborn

Purchased City: Crown Point
Date Won: 8/29/2011
Amount Won: $100,000
Two weeks proves to be worth the wait for Hoosier Lottery winner

A winning lottery ticket has to be near the top of the list of things you don’t want to lose in a purse full of receipts and other odds-and-ends, but that was almost the case for an Illinois woman recently. Herrin, Illinois resident Joann Wittenborn purchased a Hoosier Lottery Scratch-off ticket two weeks ago while visiting her second home in Dyer, Ind. After purchasing the ticket at Crown Point Marathon at 702 East Joliet Street in Crown Point, Ind., Wittenborn stuffed it in her purse and forgot about it until a few days ago. Once she found it, she scratched it and found out it was a $100,000 Double Platinum Payout winning ticket. Click here to read more about Joann's story.


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